About US

Cathay Nebula Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a renowned provider of location-awareness and automatic control solutions for ports and terminals adhering to the values of safety, intelligence and efficiency. 

Main technological features of our products/solutions include: GNSS/INS, laser sensing, OCR, etc. together with wireless communication, RFID and automatic control. With all these expertise, Cathay Nebula successfully applied and possesses the related invention patent and software copyright. 

Our rich product line caters to mainly the port and shipping industry, especially in the field of automated applications in container terminals: STS, RTG/RMG, horizontal transport, gate management, rail transport, etc. we have enriched our project experience in over 70 global ports. 

With the development of Internet of Things, cloud computing and Big Data, Cathay Nebula successfully launched the intelligent equipment management platform based on location big data and focus on developing AI applications for the systematic precaution and maintenance of equipment. We strive for the goal of port operation intelligent management by providing fine operation analysis and smart dispatch in overall process. 

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